Ever Travel Alone?

Being a jet setter can be really lonely.

Have you ever been on a trip for work and ended the day eating alone in a restaurant? Or maybe to avoid eating alone in public you have decided to order room service? Sometimes a trip to an unknown country or city can seem rather daunting, especially when you’re alone.

Travelling shouldn’t be something you dread

Don’t stop being you when you’re away for work

You have family, friends, a hamster at home, but when you travel for work you leave all of this behind. As the founders of TripLinks, we’ve been there, done it and decided that travelling needn’t be this way. That’s why we’ve devised TripLinks. Never again will you have to be alone whilst travelling.

No more “table for one”!

Put the fun back into travel…with TripLinks

You’re not looking for the love of your life or a new best friend. You just want to share dinner, a coffee or a run after work.

Share a moment with a friend…a friend you haven’t yet met.

Match by time and place…not by looks

TripLinks isn’t a dating site

We have minimal profiles, no swiping photos to like. Our matching process is simply by time, place and activity. This not only helps safeguard users from unwanted attention but is core to our philosophy…opening minds to new experiences through meeting new and different people.

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